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Meet the Mayor Q&A - January 2015

Meet the Mayor

January 10, 2015
Questions and Answers


Q - Who has the right to call for a special meeting? A- The Mayor puts the agenda together however, three Trustees can also call for meeting

Q - Why are special meetings called? A – A special meetings (or called meeting) is a separate session of the board held at a time different from that of any regular meeting, and convened only to consider one or more items of business specified in the call of the meeting. The reason for a special meeting is to deal with important matters that may arise between regular meetings and that urgently require action by the board before the next regular meeting. In summary, Special meetings are called if something important comes up that must be dealt with before the next regular meeting.

Q - Reason for reducing the amount of meetings in 2015? A – Meetings were reduced in months where meetings are around elections and holidays

Q - What are the plans for the upcoming budget? A – Trustees have received the current budget through December which is 67% through the budget year. Trustees will have time to review and the board will start budget hearings in February or March. I have also already asked department heads to submit their proposed department budget for 2015/2016.

Q - What is the village doing about misleading information? A – There are those that mislead and do their best to slow Sauk Village from “Moving Forward”. These are bitter individuals that are looking for attention and this administration does not recognize them as most of them and their followers are not even Sauk Village residents. All I can do is to encourage residents to participate in village board meetings, meet the mayor events and ask questions. As one of the presenters stated at a recent town hall meeting…….remember and consider the source.

Q - What is the long term plan for the budget (excluding new businesses)? A – It is difficult to exclude business growth from a long term plan. We will continue to market Sauk Village and reach out to businesses (commercial and retail). Sauk Village will also work with our State and County agencies for tax incentives and programs to draw businesses to Sauk Village. In addition, the goal is to continue to reduce debt without jeopardizing programs already offer to residents.

Q - Do Trustees get paid for meetings? A - Trustees receive $125.00 per meeting however, only up to five meetings per month according to Ordinance 08-63

Q - Is there a budget surplus? A - Sauk Village has never nor does it have a surplus and the budgets are based on the projected revenues (property taxes, sales, taxes, licenses, fines, fees, etc.) for the following year. As we look at his year’s budget we will continue to work towards reducing our debt as we have for the previous two years.

Q - What is the village doing about communicating to the residents? A – Sauk Village communicates through the following:
a.      Village board meetings
b.      Sauk Talk
c.       E-Blast
d.      Village website
e.       Sauk Village information Facebook page
f.        Village marquee
g.      Notices posted at village hall and library
h.      Mayor and Trustees meeting with residents, newsletters and their personal Facebook pages

       Q - Why are village employees paid so well? A – Sauk Village has employees with longevity. Every department head has 20 years plus. In addition, Sauk Village full time employees are part of a union bargaining unit with employees that have worked for Sauk Village for 10 plus years with a few exceptions in the Police Department.


Q - Why doesn’t the Police Chief provide more information concerning the home break-in? A – Currently, department heads provide a summary during village board meetings. I will pass this information on the chief and let him know that the residents would like more details. I will also check if police blotters are still being provided to local newspapers.

Q - Why are police not responding to routine calls? A – Police officers do respond and a CR card is punched for each call. If a resident feels that officers are not responding they need to contact the chiefs office with details (date, time, etc.) so it can be investigated.

      Q - Why is police department’s overtime so high? A – Our Police Department is working tirelessly to improve safety concerns within our village and added officer Falco to assist them in their efforts. The department will continue their work as well as taking advantage of events in which they can get to know the law abiding citizens as well as they know the criminals camping in town.

      Q - What is the plan to address the violence (prevent vs. re-act)? A - In 2014 Sauk Village along with other communities saw an increase in criminal activity. This was expected due the winter of 2013/2014. Community leaders and police chiefs from across the state met to prepare and many incidents were prevented, cases were solved and suspects were apprehended due planning and joint efforts among law enforcement agencies across the state working together.

        Q - What is the police department doing to become more proactive rather that reactive? A - In addition, the administration, police and neighborhood watch has worked to insure that inappropriate behavior will not be accepted in Sauk Village and will be reported to the police department when it occurs. We encourage safe and respectful behavior in our community.

Public Works / Water:

Q - What is the village’s plan for pursuing Lake Michigan water? A – Sauk Village continues to pursue Lake Michigan water however, there is still much work needs to be done in some areas where a second water line needs to be installed to insure water availability and to improve looping so that some lines do not become stagnant. This last year we negotiated the contract to improve our water and the loan to make those improvements and later worked with the Governor’s office to help put our village in a better financial position. As of today well #3 is up and running thus alleviating any water shortage in the event of a substantial fire emergency. Air strippers were installed to insure safe water and improvements to filtration has improved many water issues. Work continues to improve the water infrastructure and decrease water loss so that we may someday be at an acceptable level for application for Lake Michigan water. In addition, the administration continues to work with residents to bring their bills for services up to date and to bring current any outstanding penalties for non-compliance with ordinances.

      Q - What is the status on the leak detection survey and what % of leaks or water loss does Sauk Village currently have? A- Our Public Works Department and Engineers are gathering the information and will be updating the residents at a special meeting in March.
      Q - Infrastructure projects A – See chart below

Other projects included:
Fire hydrant repairs/replacement.
Street light replacement with energy efficient fixtures
Repairs of areas located in leak detection survey
Replacement of curb boxes (B-boxes) and jetting
Tree removal

Parks and Recreations:

Q - What is the plan for school age children? A - This last year the Parks and Recreation committee has worked tirelessly to provide programs for children and other events and has a plan for improvements to other park areas within our village which include upgraded ball fields, new soccer field, walking paths for our local residents use and more.

Q - What programs does Sauk Village have for children? A – Trustee Poskin could answer this question the best. His committee has increased the programs for Sauk Village children every year for the last two years and are providing more programs than any committee prior. To name a few programs under Trustee Poskin and the Parks and Recs Committee:
a.      Basketball (Winter & Summer Programs)
b.      Corn & Dog Roast
c.       Trunk or Treat
d.      Santa Parade
e.       Easter Event
f.        Game Nights
g.      Cheerleading
h.      Movie Night
i.        Right Start Sumer Youth Program
j.        Baseball Camp
Under the direction of Trustee Poskin the committee are planning more programs for Sauk Village youth in FY2015


Q - Why should someone move to Sauk Village? A – I’ve lived in Sauk Village all my life. My parents moved to Sauk Village when I was five, I’ve lived in Sauk Village ever since. Linda and I have raised our 10 children here. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else except of Sauk Village.