Thursday, 30 March 2017

A Note to Sauk Village Residents

Dear Sauk Village Residents,

Next Tuesday, April 4th you’ll head to the polls to elect a new Mayor. While much has been accomplished without placing future generations further in debt over the last four years there is still a lot to do and the next administration will still face some old and even new challenges.

As Linda and I fade off into non-political retirement Sauk Village residents have a choice either to take a giant leap backwards or continued forward motion.

There are three candidates running for Mayor and only one has the vision and can keep the continued forward momentum that Sauk Village has experienced the last few years. The other two candidates based on their literature and comments at the recent board meetings and forum want to pick up where the previous administration left off.

Based on two of the candidate’s campaign promises and if elected will take Sauk Village further in debt placing the additional costs on you and future generations through floating bonds, taking out high interest loans and raising resident’s fees to record highs………Everything this administration has fought.

There is no way these candidates can keep their promises without selling out the residents of Sauk Village.  

I have been vocal which candidates I’m supporting however, there are still residents asking who is best so I want to make sure it’s clear.

Next Tuesday, I and my family will head to the polls to vote for the following independent candidates.

·        Rosie Williams-Baig – Mayor

·        Debbie Williams – Village Clerk

·        Ed Myers – Trustee

·        Linda Todd – Trustee

·        Sené Garrett – Trustee

Sauk Village, if you don’t want to take a giant step backwards and return to the Sauk Village of five years ago of no order & decorum, excessive litigation, fear, bullying, extortion and crime join me next Tuesday and cast your vote for the above independent candidates.

Thank you,

Mayor David A. Hanks

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Sauk Village Senior Committee Report - March 28, 2017

Sauk Village Senior Committee Report

March 28, 2017

Deadline Tuesday, April 11, 2017 to purchase, Bloom Township Senior Community Luncheon held on Tuesday, April 18, 2017. ‘ The Incognito’s’ will provide some memorable entertainment.

The AARP Smart Driver course will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 18 and 19. Pre-registration is required through the township Senior Department by completing enrolment application with a check or money order payable to AARP dated the first day of class.

Next line classes will begin Thursday mornings from 10-11 a.m. the following is the class three month schedule and the fee is $20 for the three (3) month session.
  • April 6, 13, 20, 27
  • May 4, 11, 18
  • June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29,
Openings are still available for several trips again this year. Call (708) 754-9400 for appointment and/or information. Affordable transportation available within the township, call (708) 754-8200 a couple of days prior to an event, there is no charge to the Community Luncheon.

Golden Agers meeting at Jones Memorial Community Center is on Wednesday,April19, 2017 at 220 15th St., Chicago Heights, Social hour at 10:00 a.m., 10:30 meeting and lunch served at 11:30a.m. For lunch reservation, call (708) 757-5395. Annual dues are $5.00 and lunch $5.00.

All senior citizens (50+ years), regardless of residency are welcome to attend the every Friday 12:30-3:30 p.m. Senior Open Activity. Bottled water and light refreshments are available. ‘Rummikub’ tile game is very popular with the attendees. However, we have other games available or you made bring your own game or craft.

The last Saturday of every month (every fourth Saturday), is Open Activity at the Sauk Village Senior Center. The next Open Activity was scheduled for March 25 and some seniors missed due to misinformation however, we look forward to seeing your next month.

The Senior Committee meets every second Thursday at 7:00 p.m.

Meet the Mayor Presentation - March 18, 2017

During the March Meet the Mayor I presented what the Administration has accomplished in the last four years. With it being an election year there is a lot of false information being circulated to foster votes with lies.

If you couldn't make it to the Meet the Mayor below is the presentation for your viewing.

Note: If you need more time to read the slides press the pause button and then the play button to resume.

Sauk Village Trustees Refuse To Give Back To Residents.... As Promised

Sauk Village Trustees Burgess, Washington, Jones and Tates voted down giving residents a $1 per 1000 gallons reduction in water rates during the March 28, 2017, village board meeting.

One reason there are village board meeting minutes are so current and future boards can't have selective memory or claim lack of knowledge.

The March 3, 2015, meeting minutes clearly state that the $2.00 increase which raised rates to $7.50 per 1000 gallons was to pay for the water treatment plant project and if loan forgiveness occurred the increase is not needed and could be a savings for residents.

Sauk Village has received nearly $4 million in partial relief however, board members refused to provide relief to village residents and now have other plans for the money.

Isn't time to give back to our residents......some Trustees think not.

Know how your Trustees vote on issues that impacts you and your family.

Sauk Village Public Works Board Meeting Report - March 28, 2017

Sauk Village Public Works Board Meeting Report

By: Director Kevin Weller
March 28, 2017

Item 1 Public works yearly programs will begin in April. First item hydrant flushing April 4 on the south side of town, south of Sauk Trail & west of Torrence extending and finishing in Deer creek.

Item 2 April Street sweep begins Monday the 10 please keep all vehicles off the street during the garbage pickup date this assures that each street gets completed.

Item 3   Water loss fact sheet, Copies of Illinois rural water association sheet can be picked up at Village Hall and will be placed on line to understand how a simple leak can cause your bill to go up. Resident who have question can call the village hall and make an appointment to have staff come out to check village equipment.

Item 3   IDOT road resurface work will begin April 10, Nicor Gas will be working at Burnham & Sauk Trail expect traffic delays during this improvement. All other work will follow from sidewalk at Sauk trail & Torrence to resurfacing from Torrence to Rt 30. Estimated completion date August.

Item 4    After the mild winter staff has been out daily doing pothole work, this is temporary due to the asphalt plant not producing permanent patch, once they open for the season we will be back to do a final patch.

Sauk Village Administrator / Public Safety Director’s Report - March 28, 2017

Sauk Village Administrator / Public Safety Director’s Report

By: JW Fairman
March 28, 2017

Water Revenues:

With 5 days left in March and the full month of April yet to go, water revenues have exceeded last year by $119,870.53. It is projected that by fiscal year end revenues will exceed last year by as much as $400,000.

Treasurers Report:

It was brought to my attention that Mr. Wiszowaty posted a “BlogSpot” on his Facebook page indicating that the recent Treasurers Report neglected to include the payment information of myself and my assistant. I researched this claim and found that he was correct; as of yesterday the Treasurers Report was amended to include that information. Had the Village had the accounting software to generate this report errors such as this would be a non-issue. If you recall I have asked the Board in the past for funds to replace the Villages outdated accounting software.

However, and as Mr. Wiszowaty knows (through his recent FOIA on 1/15/2017) my income is $80,000 with no deductions plus reimbursements as fixed by contract. My assistant’s income is $20,000 with no deductions or reimbursements. Not the combined $125,000 he stated on his BlogSpot.

Also in his “BlogSpot” Mr.  Wiszowaty implied that I may have committed some sort of misconduct regarding pension laws. I have not. My Attorney also disagrees with his inferences and will address Mr. Wiszowaty and his claims, legally.

TIF #3 Project:

For approximately a year my assistant and I have been working, with the approval of the Mayor, to bring a Global Corporation to Sauk Village.  

The fiscal impact for the Village would bring much needed financial relief in the form of:

  • Hundreds of local long term employment opportunities and mid-term construction jobs;
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional property tax revenue and construction fees;
  • Secondary development, bringing additional jobs, property and sales tax revenue as well as user fee and construction returns and finally;
  • This corporation has indicated that it would be amiable to providing the Village with annual grants to help upgrade our public buildings and aging infrastructure.

The project was put on hold last August but as of a few days ago we were advised that it was beginning to move forward again. A tentative offer on property on the North end of TIF3 has been placed. This past Monday we were notified that on site due diligence was being conducted.

Secondary development, ancillary to this project, is proposing a truck stop and a “named” Hotel/Motel at the corner of 394 and Sauk Trail, adding approximately 50 additional employment opportunities.

Project and spin off revenue for the Village’s ailing General fund has not yet been estimated but it is projected that deficit spending for this Fund will be eliminated.

My assistant and I believe that Sauk Village can and should be the new leaders in economic development in the South Suburban area. I will continue to update the Board on the progress of this project as it occurs. The Village has been asked to withhold the name of the corporation until it can secure the necessary documents to move forward, at that time they will prepare a formal news release.

Sauk Village Police Department Board Meeting Report - March 28, 2017

Sauk Village Police Department Board Meeting Report

By: Police Chief Robert Kowalski
March 28, 2017


-CalCom Report: For a period between 3/14/2017 and 3/28/2017 the police department received 495 calls for service.

-Police Arrests:  During the period of 3/14/2017 thru 3/28/2017 the Sauk Village Police Department had a total of 36 arrests.     

-Cases of Note:

On 3/19/2017 Sauk Village Police was called to assist the ambulance on the 2000 block of 281th St. for an unresponsive baby. Upon arrival the 2 1/2 month old baby was not breathing and rushed to the hospital.   Due to the nature of this incident DCFS was contacted along with the SVPD Detectives.  An autopsy was conducted and was deemed inconclusive pending toxicology results.

On 3/23/2017 Sauk Village Police were called to Tony's Food and Liquor for a report of shots fired.  Upon arriving the Officers found the Victim, Offenders and Witnesses have all fled the scene.  Through investigative means the Officers were able to identify the Offender who were known to the department and later apprehended and charged with reckless discharge of a firearm.

On 3/24/2017 Sauk Village Police were called to the 21700 block of Peterson Ave. for a call of shots fired. Upon arriving Officers found the Victim, Offenders and witnesses all fled the area.  No one in the area wanted to cooperate with the police.

-Mentoring Program: Officer Josh Morris with the assistance of the Bloom Trail High School Truancy Officer Kim Kracik and the support of the Sauk Village Police Department have created a mentoring program for 12 to 17 year old boys which will be held at GRACE UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST, 2500 E. 223rd St., Sauk Village, IL.  The mentoring program will begin on April 8th thru May 13th from 4pm to 6pm and will focus on respect for self and others, work ethics learning and self-growth, roles and relationships and drill movements and positions.  Flyers about the program will be on the back table for more information.

End Report.


Sauk Village Fire Department Board Meeting Report - March 28, 2017

Sauk Village Fire Department Board Meeting Report

By Fire Chief Al Stoffregen
March 28, 2017


Over the past 2 weeks, the fire department responded to 29 calls.
  • 1 - WIRES DOWN
  • 1 - GAS LEAK
  • 7 - VEHICLE ACCIDENT (10-50)
  • 1 - CO ALARM
  • 2  - MUTUAL AID

Sauk Village Administrative Services Board Report - March 28, 2017

Sauk Village Administrative Services Board Report

By: Sherry Jasinski
March 28, 2017
  • Business license renewals have been mailed out for the license period of May 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018.
  • Contractor’s license renewals will go out on April 10, 2017 for the license period May 1, 2017 thru April 30, 2018.
  • Animal Licenses go on sale April 1, 2017 the fees are as follows:
    • Spayed or neutered fee is $10.00
    • Not spayed or neutered fee is $25.00
    • Senior Citizens 62 or older is $5.00 there is only one senior discount per household
  • There is 125 tickets on April 6, 2017 court call

Monday, 27 March 2017

Attention All Sauk Village Seniors & Families on Fixed Incomes

Currently on the agenda for the Tuesday, March 28, 2017 village board meeting there is a motion for a $1 per 1000 gallon water rate reduction. The village board passed a $2 rate increase a few years back to help pay for the water treatment plant improvements with a promise to the residents that if there was a loan forgiveness or if the loan was paid the $2 increase would not be needed and returned.

The water treatment plant improvements are complete and Sauk Village has received nearly $4 million in forgiveness or grants that went towards the 4.8 million dollar loan. Currently Sauk Village only owes approx. $900,000 and the water improvement loan monthly repayment scheduled has been reduced to match the new amount.

Now, is the time to give back to the residents however, some board members still have a problem with giving back after they have taken. This Tuesday you have an opportunity to have your voice heard. Last Tuesday’s committee meeting some Trustees and their running mates in this next election had their family and friends speak out in keeping and implementing further increases for Lake Michigan Water. These candidates and individuals have no plan, timeline or updated costs however, they make excuses for not giving back what they promised.

At the forum last Saturday, two candidates for Mayor stated they didn’t have enough information however, this topic was discussed in length at last Tuesday’s committee meeting and all questions were answered.

Below is an average break down for the $1 per 1000 gallon in water rates.

Based on the last 12 months of water usage data the following would be the average breakdown per household.

  • Looking at the rate reduction from the village side
    • Current rates - $7.50 per 1000 gallons
    • Recommended water rate reduction $6.50 per 1000 gallons
    • If passed, the village would receive $147,711 less when compared to the last 12 months water usage however, would still be collecting $1 per 1000 gallons or $147,711 per year to pay on a $60,000 yearly payment (more than 2X’s the yearly payment).
  • Now let’s look at how the residents would be affected.
    • $1 per 1000 gallons reduction
    • Average saved based on 3000 households ($147,711 / 3000 billing houses / 6 payments =)
    • Approx. $8 per billing cycle or $4 per month
    • Approx. $50 per household a year

Doesn’t sound like a lot per household….so why are Trustees going back on their word?

Note: The above is only an average and some households may have less or higher usage. Example: A family of four or more would use more water than a senior which may only have one of two living in the house.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Sauk Village Administrative Services Board Meeting Report - March 14, 2017

Sauk Village Administrative Services Board Meeting Report

March 14, 2017
By: Director Sherry Jasinski

March Court Call for Code Enforcement we had 144 tickets on the court docket
  • 12 were found guilty
  • 10 were found not guilty
  • 119 were found guilty and the fines have doubled due to failure to appear

A total of 63 liens have been paid to date equaling $73,866.16
We have been enforcing the ordinance that states no parking on a non-hard surface- we have had an extreme amount of people that are parking their cars on the grass and making horrible ruts in their lawns which makes the Village look bad. We first sent a warning with a copy of the ordinance so they know it’s not allowed. We have had many that have been receiving tickets for this.

This concludes my report

Sauk Village Administrator/Public Safety Director Board Meeting Report - March 14, 2017

Sauk Village Administrator / Public Safety Director’s Report

March 14, 2017


ComED: Tomorrow I have a meeting w/ComED to discuss repair of SV street lights. The ComED representative informed me that no SV street light(s) have been reported for repair. Public Works has yet to confirm or deny that information. However and at my request, the SVPD has recorded 58 SV street lights deficient. Their (SVPD) list will be my point of discussion w/the ComED representative.

Doors: It was reported to me that the front doors of Village Hall have been left open after Village Hall hours. I had the Village’s IT person review tapes of the after hour time periods. He found that no one compromised the doors. He suggested it may have been due to the change in CDT time. The Police Department will periodically check the building.

Budget: The Judge in the Henrietta Turner v. Sauk Village case has instructed the Village to budget $101,000.00 in its 2017-2018 budget for this litigation.

Ongoing Investigation: For the sake of transparency; the Federal Inspector General’s Office and the FBI have been interviewing SV employees in regards to an ongoing investigation as recently as this week. I am not at liberty to discuss nor do I know the details of this case.

Congresswoman Robin Kelly’s Youth Job Fair - April 1, 2017

Congresswoman Kelly to Host Youth Job and Resource Fair
 Congresswoman Robin Kelly will host a Youth Job and Resource Expo for young men and women between the ages of 15 and 24 on Saturday, April 1, from 9 a.m. to noon, in the Field House of Thornton Township High School, 15001 Broadway Ave., Harvey.
More than 50 companies and agencies will be accepting applications for available jobs, summer internships and apprenticeships. Participating employers and agencies include Nike, Walgreens, Chase Bank ComEd, Illinois Department of Transportation and Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership.
To help young people prepare for the hiring event and interviews, Rep. Kelly will sponsor a Job Readiness Boot Camp on Wednesday, March 29, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., in Room T107, located inside the Technical Building of Thornton Township High School, in Harvey.

To pre-register, visit For more information, call (708) 679-0078, or visit

Open Tollway Positions

Senior Buyer  ($50,000.00 - $60,000.00 Annually) Deadline to apply 4/5/17

·       A high school diploma or equivalent is required.

·       Two to five years of progressive experience in the procurement of goods, supplies, equipment, and services in a large organizational setting is strongly preferred.

·       CPSM, CPP, CPPB, CPPM, CSCP, and/or CPPO certifications are strongly desired.

·       Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and procurement information systems is required.

·       Excellent follow-up skills with the ability to work on multiple projects while assuming a lead role in the area of contract administration inclusive of developing specifications are required.

·       Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail are required.

·       Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required.

·       Ability to interact effectively with various levels of management and to communicate well with staff and vendors is required.

·       Ability to write contract specifications in a clear and concise manner from sources ranging from non-existent to overly detailed is required.

·       Experience and involvement with Tollway contract documents is preferred.

·       Experience in participating with vendor negotiations is preferred.

Field Operations Manager $75,000.00 - $85,000.00 Annually Deadline to apply 4/5/17

·       High School graduate or GED equivalent is required.

·       Associates Degree is preferred. A minimum of 5 years management experience leading a team of technicians or operations staff is required.

·       Excellent interpersonal skills are required.

·       A minimum of 5 years of Field Operations experience with fiber optics systems, land mobile radio, data communications, antennas and transmission lines, and large communications and telephone systems analysis and troubleshooting.

·       Experience in developing and managing multiple project plans concurrently is required.

·       FCC General Radio & Telephone License or equivalent (i.e. ETA, APCO, ISCET) preferred.

·       Knowledge of FAA requirements regarding Communication Tower Structures preferred.

·       Must have a working knowledge of computer based systems, Microsoft Excel and Project. Must have the ability to work rotating shifts.

·       Must have the ability to work overtime as required including during off hours / holidays / weekends.

·       Must participate in 24x7x365 scheduled support rotation Must carry Tollway issued cellphone for on-call support and for response to calls/incidents before or after shift hours / weekends / holidays.

·       Must be able to lift 50 pounds

·       Candidate must have excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.  


As of September 10, 2014, the Tollway began using an on-line application system to assist prospective and current employees in the job application process. This system will allow users to create an individual account create and maintain a profile of education, experience and certifications, identify job interest categories, search for open positions, and submit job applications. This system will automatically notify users of recently posted jobs based on the job interest categories chosen.

For the employee to be notified of open positions and submit applications, this system requires the user to have an email account. This could be either a personal account (i.e. gmail, yahoo) or account.

To apply for a posted position or to create a “Job Interest Card,” applicants should visit the Tollway’s website,

Completed applications may be mailed to the Tollway or dropped off in person at the agency’s Downers Grove headquarters between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. All applications must be received within the dates indicated on the job posting.

Illinois Tollway Employment Applications can also be completed on our on-line application system which can be found at under ‘Employment Opportunities’. They can be submitted online or mailed or hand-delivered to Human Resources, 2700 Ogden Avenue, Downers Grove, IL 60515.


FREE SENIOR ENRICHMENT SEMINAR SERIES: Aging at Home: Safety and Support Systems

Trustees Threaten To Drown Water Rate Reductions

Last night (March 21, 2017) at the committee of the whole meeting I recommend a $1 per 1000 gallons reduction in water rates.

This recommendation was based on what was promised to residents when rates were increased by $2 to the current $7.50 per 1000 gallons.

At the 2015 meeting it was stated that the increase to $7.50 per 1000 gallons was to pay for the water treatment plant improvements and if loan forgiveness occurred, the increase is not required.

 Sauk Village has received some forgiveness however, not 100% and only approx. $900K is left of the $4.8 million loan.

I expected contentious and lengthily debate which, is why I came to the meeting prepared to answer questions concerning the reasons for the reduction in rates. Trustee’s discussed infrastructure, keeping the money for other (pet) projects, setting up accounts to place the money and Lake Michigan water however, we all know what happens when politicians see extra money.  

Sauk Village has too many residents on fixed incomes and these residents demanded that their elected officials keep their word. By returning the first dollar next week and returning the second dollar when the loan is completely paid off.   

This item will be placed on the next agenda for approval however, some trustees have already mentioned tabling this before it comes to a vote or trying to muster up enough votes to kill the motion on the floor.

Below is some of the information shared with trustees for the reasoning / supporting data to reduce rates.

Infrastructure Improvements Under This Administration

•Created legislation assigning responsibility of delinquent water/sewer payments to owners of property

•Infrastructure Projects

•Reduction in Water Main Breaks
•2012 – 45
•2013 -41
•2014 – 13
•2015 – 17
•2016 -15

•Main Valve Replacements
•2012 -2016 – 9

•Fire Hydrants
•2012 -2017  - Average of 7  hydrants repaired or replaced a year
•94 Reported when elected
•35 Repaired under this administration
•61 Pending as of March 17, 2017

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Meet the Mayor - March 18, 2017

****Mark Your Calendars****

This Saturday will be the last "Meet the Mayor" prior to the April 4th election.

During this event as always I'll take questions from residents however, we'll use this last meet and greet to recall all the work that has been done in just four short years.

Meet the Mayor
Location: Sauk Village Municipal Center
Date: March 18, 2017
Time: 9am - 11am

Sauk Village Police Department Board Meeting Report - March 14, 2017

Sauk Village Police Department Board Meeting Report

March 14, 2017
By: Police Chief Robert Kowalski

-CalCom Report: For a period between 2/28/2017 and 3/14/2017 the police department received 540 calls for service.

-Police Service Case Summary:  During the period of 2/28/2017 thru 3/14/2017 the Sauk Village Police Department had a total of 23 arrests.     

-Cases of Note:

On 3/10/2017 Sauk Village Police along with the South Suburban Emergency Response Team (SSERT) executed a search warrant on the 1800 blk of East 218th Pl.  After SSERT secured the scene a search of the residence took place with K9 Falco.  Drug contraband was recovered and the individuals living in the residence were charged accordingly. 

-Letters: On March 2nd while I attended the Bloom Trail High School Safety Committee meeting I received four letters of appreciation from the Bloom Trail Truancy Officer.  The letters of appreciation were for the assistance provided to the Trauncy Officer by Sgt. Mieszczak, Officer Hufnagl, Officer White and Officer Morris.  

End Report.

Sauk Village Senior Committee Meeting Report - March 14, 2017

Sauk Village Senior Committee Meeting Report

March 14, 2017

Reminder, Bloom Township Senior Community Lunch Program luncheon ‘Hula Hula’ is tomorrow Wednesday, March 15th at the Serbian Social Center, 18550 Stony Island, Lansing.  Tickets for the Tuesday, April 11th luncheon (last luncheon for the season) with ‘The Incognito’s’ will go on sale at the luncheon. 

Senior Department is taking appointments for AARP tax preparation.  Openings are still available for several trips again this year.  Call (708) 754-9400 for appointment and/or information. 

Affordable transportation available within the township, call (708) 754-8200 a couple of days prior to an event, there is no charge to the Community Luncheon.

Golden Agers meeting at Jones Memorial Community Center tomorrow, March 15, 2017 at 220 15th St., Chicago Heights,  Social hour at 10:00 a.m., 10:30 meeting and lunch served at 11:30a.m.  Golden Agers will be donating a Theme Basket of Chocolates for the Brotherhood Banquet.  Funds raised from the raffle will benefit scholarship ($1,000 each) for high school seniors from Bloom or Bloom Trail.  Lunch reservation, call (708) 757-5395.  Annual dues are $5.00 and lunch $5.00.

AgeOptions and South Suburban Senior Services, Catholic Charities will be holding  a ‘Fraud Prevention Fair’ this Friday, March 17th from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. at the Josephine P. Argento Senior Center, 1700 Memorial Dr., Calumet City.  Bring your old Medicare Summary Notices or other personal documents to be shredded – a secured drop boxes will be on site.  Fraud Bingo will be played.

All senior citizens (50+ years), regardless of residency are welcome to attend the every Friday 12:30-3:30 p.m. Senior Open Activity.  Bottled water and light refreshments are available.  ‘Rummikub’ tile game is very popular with the attendees.  However, we have other games are  available or you made bring your own game or craft. 

The next Saturday senior open activity will be held on March 25th (4th Saturday) at 5:00 p.m. (doors open at 4:00 p.m.) participants are asked to bring appetizers or finger type foods to share.

Fun Club Candidate’s Forum Saturday, March 25th – doors open at 12:00 p.m., see flyer for details.

Space still open for Chili Cook Off and chefs (volunteers) are needed. On Saturday, March 18, 2017, the Senior Committee will host its 9th Annual Chili Cook Off’.

In closing, the Senior Committee meets every second Thursday at 7:00 p.m.