Thursday, 30 March 2017

A Note to Sauk Village Residents

Dear Sauk Village Residents,

Next Tuesday, April 4th you’ll head to the polls to elect a new Mayor. While much has been accomplished without placing future generations further in debt over the last four years there is still a lot to do and the next administration will still face some old and even new challenges.

As Linda and I fade off into non-political retirement Sauk Village residents have a choice either to take a giant leap backwards or continued forward motion.

There are three candidates running for Mayor and only one has the vision and can keep the continued forward momentum that Sauk Village has experienced the last few years. The other two candidates based on their literature and comments at the recent board meetings and forum want to pick up where the previous administration left off.

Based on two of the candidate’s campaign promises and if elected will take Sauk Village further in debt placing the additional costs on you and future generations through floating bonds, taking out high interest loans and raising resident’s fees to record highs………Everything this administration has fought.

There is no way these candidates can keep their promises without selling out the residents of Sauk Village.  

I have been vocal which candidates I’m supporting however, there are still residents asking who is best so I want to make sure it’s clear.

Next Tuesday, I and my family will head to the polls to vote for the following independent candidates.

·        Rosie Williams-Baig – Mayor

·        Debbie Williams – Village Clerk

·        Ed Myers – Trustee

·        Linda Todd – Trustee

·        Sené Garrett – Trustee

Sauk Village, if you don’t want to take a giant step backwards and return to the Sauk Village of five years ago of no order & decorum, excessive litigation, fear, bullying, extortion and crime join me next Tuesday and cast your vote for the above independent candidates.

Thank you,

Mayor David A. Hanks