Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Sauk Village Administrator / Public Safety Director’s Report - March 28, 2017

Sauk Village Administrator / Public Safety Director’s Report

By: JW Fairman
March 28, 2017

Water Revenues:

With 5 days left in March and the full month of April yet to go, water revenues have exceeded last year by $119,870.53. It is projected that by fiscal year end revenues will exceed last year by as much as $400,000.

Treasurers Report:

It was brought to my attention that Mr. Wiszowaty posted a “BlogSpot” on his Facebook page indicating that the recent Treasurers Report neglected to include the payment information of myself and my assistant. I researched this claim and found that he was correct; as of yesterday the Treasurers Report was amended to include that information. Had the Village had the accounting software to generate this report errors such as this would be a non-issue. If you recall I have asked the Board in the past for funds to replace the Villages outdated accounting software.

However, and as Mr. Wiszowaty knows (through his recent FOIA on 1/15/2017) my income is $80,000 with no deductions plus reimbursements as fixed by contract. My assistant’s income is $20,000 with no deductions or reimbursements. Not the combined $125,000 he stated on his BlogSpot.

Also in his “BlogSpot” Mr.  Wiszowaty implied that I may have committed some sort of misconduct regarding pension laws. I have not. My Attorney also disagrees with his inferences and will address Mr. Wiszowaty and his claims, legally.

TIF #3 Project:

For approximately a year my assistant and I have been working, with the approval of the Mayor, to bring a Global Corporation to Sauk Village.  

The fiscal impact for the Village would bring much needed financial relief in the form of:

  • Hundreds of local long term employment opportunities and mid-term construction jobs;
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional property tax revenue and construction fees;
  • Secondary development, bringing additional jobs, property and sales tax revenue as well as user fee and construction returns and finally;
  • This corporation has indicated that it would be amiable to providing the Village with annual grants to help upgrade our public buildings and aging infrastructure.

The project was put on hold last August but as of a few days ago we were advised that it was beginning to move forward again. A tentative offer on property on the North end of TIF3 has been placed. This past Monday we were notified that on site due diligence was being conducted.

Secondary development, ancillary to this project, is proposing a truck stop and a “named” Hotel/Motel at the corner of 394 and Sauk Trail, adding approximately 50 additional employment opportunities.

Project and spin off revenue for the Village’s ailing General fund has not yet been estimated but it is projected that deficit spending for this Fund will be eliminated.

My assistant and I believe that Sauk Village can and should be the new leaders in economic development in the South Suburban area. I will continue to update the Board on the progress of this project as it occurs. The Village has been asked to withhold the name of the corporation until it can secure the necessary documents to move forward, at that time they will prepare a formal news release.