Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Trustees Threaten To Drown Water Rate Reductions

Last night (March 21, 2017) at the committee of the whole meeting I recommend a $1 per 1000 gallons reduction in water rates.

This recommendation was based on what was promised to residents when rates were increased by $2 to the current $7.50 per 1000 gallons.

At the 2015 meeting it was stated that the increase to $7.50 per 1000 gallons was to pay for the water treatment plant improvements and if loan forgiveness occurred, the increase is not required.

 Sauk Village has received some forgiveness however, not 100% and only approx. $900K is left of the $4.8 million loan.

I expected contentious and lengthily debate which, is why I came to the meeting prepared to answer questions concerning the reasons for the reduction in rates. Trustee’s discussed infrastructure, keeping the money for other (pet) projects, setting up accounts to place the money and Lake Michigan water however, we all know what happens when politicians see extra money.  

Sauk Village has too many residents on fixed incomes and these residents demanded that their elected officials keep their word. By returning the first dollar next week and returning the second dollar when the loan is completely paid off.   

This item will be placed on the next agenda for approval however, some trustees have already mentioned tabling this before it comes to a vote or trying to muster up enough votes to kill the motion on the floor.

Below is some of the information shared with trustees for the reasoning / supporting data to reduce rates.

Infrastructure Improvements Under This Administration

•Created legislation assigning responsibility of delinquent water/sewer payments to owners of property

•Infrastructure Projects

•Reduction in Water Main Breaks
•2012 – 45
•2013 -41
•2014 – 13
•2015 – 17
•2016 -15

•Main Valve Replacements
•2012 -2016 – 9

•Fire Hydrants
•2012 -2017  - Average of 7  hydrants repaired or replaced a year
•94 Reported when elected
•35 Repaired under this administration
•61 Pending as of March 17, 2017