Wednesday, 5 April 2017

From the Mayors Desk

From the Mayors Desk

Election Day has come and gone and after the smoke cleared it appears that in May Sauk Village will have a new Mayor, new Clerk and four new Trustees.


Congratulations to all those that were elected last night.

Mayor Elect Burgess

Clerk –Elect Campbell-Pruitt

Trustees – Elect

  • Grant
  • Brewer-Houston
  • Todd

 As I stated prior to being elected Mayor……."I would do some things that the residents would like and some things that they wouldn’t". The same holds true for the new board.


This election was tough and divisive however, I ask residents and supporters to give the new board the respect you provided me. The new board will face many challenges on top of the learning curve for the newly elected (first timers).


Now that the elections are over and whether your candidates won or lost let’s all agree not only to stay engaged but to push ourselves to do even better. It’s time to put our feelings and differences aside and work together to keep Sauk Village moving forward while always remembering, that it’s ok to disagree but not be disagreeable.


In closing, if your candidates won, congratulations and enjoy the victory. If your candidates did not win, remember what President Obama said during this last Presidential election “no matter what happens the sun will rise in the morning”.


Thank you,


Mayor David A. Hanks