Saturday, 31 December 2016

Sauk Village Administrator / Public Safety Director’s Report - Dacember 13, 2016

Sauk Village Administrator / Public Safety Director’s Report

December 6, 2016
By: JW Fairman

2016 Water Revenues:

As the end of November 30, 2016 – Fiscal YTD water revenues increased by $331,951.49 or 21.83% over the same period a year ago. This represents seven (7) straight monthly increases. Staff is to be applauded for their efforts.

2016 UCR Crime:  

UCR has deceased by 30% for the same period a year ago.

NOTE: It has been suggested by someone on social media that pouring a full glass of beer into an empty glass is one technique of determining annual UCR comparisons. Unfortunately, beer pouring - for this purpose, has not yet become an exact science.

But for those who are interested, I have placed the current 2012 thru 2015 vs. 2016 YTD UCR comparison report with Methodology on the table. Not as exciting as beer pouring - but far more accurate.

Collective Bargaining:

As of December 6th Staff and I have completed all of the employee Collective Bargaining agreements for Sauk Village. Completing these agreements for the betterment of the Village and its employees has been a lengthy process. I like to thank the Unions, its representatives and staff for their efforts. I would also like to thank the Mayor and those Trustees who voted to approve these agreements.

Other Business:
  • I urge the Board to approve the Weather Stone Estates Agreement. This next phase of new homes will add a sizable amount of new revenue (permit fees, water, vehicle sticker etc.) to the Village in addition to an increase in the Village’s (EAV) Equalized Assessed Valuation (property taxes). Again I would like to thank staff for all of their efforts in making this a reality.
  • Mr. Tates I should have your request from the Engineers ready for you soon. I’ll email it to you as soon as it comes in.
  • I know this is the political season and I know that the emotions of candidates and their workers often get tense – but I am getting tired of our employees having to hear that they may or may not have jobs after April based on who wins. You may or may not know that employee rights are protected under the law, so please keep the politics out of Village Hall. I am advising our employees to document all cases of political harassment. I will personally notify any person who undertakes such actions to cease and desist and forward all employee complaints of political harassment to the appropriate authorities.
  • 2016 has been a very long but productive year in moving Sauk Village forward. I give all of the credit to our employees. Our employees have expressed to me to express to you their wishes, for a safe, healthy and happy Christmas and New Year.