Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Sauk Village Public Works Village Board Meeting Report

Sauk Village Public Works Village Board Meeting Report

October 25, 2016
By: Kevin Weller

: PUBLIC GROUNDS & BUILDINGS – Cutting on going all village locations. Staff still cutting vacant homes moving through the list, checked 462 homes 115 that needed cutting. Staff placed 12 bricks in veteran’s memorial. Ordered camera and light for south side of village hall.  

: ASPHALT WORK – Pothole work on east side and south side completed started the north side and all outside locations. Street & driveway repairs due to main break in Ross crescent and driveway at 21706 Orion   completed.

:  STREET LIGHTS – Staff will be out replacing light heads at problem locations, the vender sent out new parts to resolve the problems.  We still could have wire issues causing the power problems staff will follow up and replace as soon as possible. 

: WATER - Day to day schedules & EME CALLS. Completing all tests required by IEPA per month. Staff started and completed north side shut off list. Worked on main break at Orion & 220st replaced 6 foot of main. Staff dug 2 Eme b-boxes 3027 223st and 2130 217st.

: GARBAGE – Day to day cleanup. IF YOU SEE ILLIGAL DUMPING PLEASE CALL POLICE, HELP KEEP OUR TOWN CLEAN. All regular trash pickup will be completed as regular mowing and summer up keep resumes. I have asked code to ticket resident who dump garbage or grass debris from there parkway into the street. Staff has been out cleaning storm lids covered with debris.  This is the main cause of storm sewer backup and flooded streets.

: HYDRANT & VALVE REPAIRS/REPLACED - Staff will be working to make the town safer for residents and workers by having a total of 6 valves inserted into the system under pressure and that will give then a safer environment to do a total of 9 more valves  and replace at least 16 fire hydrants.

 : VEHICELS/ EQU-   Public works staff is doing their best to keep all vehicles within the department running safe. We are also trying to help each department with their repairs to keep moving forward. Dropping off and picking up P.D vehicles and ongoing small repairs.

: SANITARY SEWER COMPLAINTS – P.W. received 0 sanitary sewer complaints, all after calls must go through the P.D non eme # 758-1331 they will notify   P.W. Staff

: STORM SEWER REPAIRS – Staff has been out cleaning storm sewers due to 2 rain events. We also have 3 locations we are working on 1904 219pl, SW corner of Oakbrook &Southbrook and 914 Mary Byrne.  219pl is almost completed and Oakbrook will be next and so on 

: TREE BRANCHES & REMOVALS – Staff was called to 3 locations to remove downed trees due to high wind events 2900 223pl & 224st. Ash tree removal ongoing.

: PARKS – Public Works will be working with Robinson Eng on final design of the ballfields and Arrowhead Park with allowable funds. 

:  LANDSCAPE WORK   Staff also started landscaping last year’s digs from b box, main breaks, and any other digs so far work has been don at 26 locations.