Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sauk Village Police Department Board Meeting Report - September 13, 2016

Sauk Village Police Department

Board Meeting Report 09/13/2016

  • Police Service Case Summary: 
    • During the period of 08/23/2016 thru 09/13/2016 the Sauk Village Police Department had a total of 42 arrests.     

  • CalCom Report:
    • For a period between 08/23/2016 and 09/13/2016 the police department received 855 calls for service.

  • Cases of Note:  

    • On 8/25/2016 Officers were called to the 21700 block of Peterson Ave. for a gunshot victim.  According to the victim she had just arrived at the location and exited her vehicle to enter her boyfriend's house when she observed two males across the street from the house.  When she saw the males she heard gunshots and ducked for cover.  The males ran from the area and her boyfriend came out of the house only to find his girlfriend had been shot. The victim's boyfriend called the police and an ambulance.  The victim was taken to St. Margaret's hospital and eventually transferred to Stroger Hospital.  The detective assigned to this matter conducted interviews and recovered shell casing evidence which were sent to the lab.  No arrests have been made at this time and this case remains an open and ongoing investigation.

    • On 8/25/2016 Officers were called to the 100 block of Carriage Lane for a report of a juvenile victim receiving lude pictures via text messages.  The Officers arrived to find the mother of the victim who explained a friend was sending her daughter sexually explicit photos.  The Officers confirmed the receipt of the photos and turned this matter over to the Detective Division who secured charges of Sexual Exploitation of a Child charges on the offender.

    • On 9/7/2016 Officers met with a victim of domestic battery who was crying outside of here residence on the 22400 block of Nichols. The Officers were told by the victim that her ex-boyfriend/subject was sitting outside on the porch drinking alcohol. She advised the Officer that she felt her ex-boyfriend was intoxicated and told him that he was not allowed inside the house until he sobered up. The offender then threatened her that if he was not allowed back in the house then nobody was going to enter the residence. She attempted to walk past him and he bumped her shoulder with his shoulder and then he began fondling her. The victim felt threatened and threw water in his face to get away from him. The offender proceeded to place his hand on her throat and choked her to the point where she was unable to breath. Witnesses observed the whole incident but recanted the story related by the victim.  The victim wanted to sign complaints and the offender was taken into custody.  The Detectives were able to obtain domestic violence felony charges on the offender due to his extensive record.

    • On 9/7/2016 Officers were called to 2600 Marigold and met with the victim who stated that his apartment had been burglarized two days in a row.  The Officers on the scene conducted a canvass of the area and found a witness who identified and individual carrying items similar to what was stolen.  Officers identified the individuals and took him into the station.  The person was found to have been the offender who broke into the victim's home.  The detective were able to locate the items and secured felony burglary charges on the offender.

  • Truancy:  Bloom Trail High School has hired a new truancy Officer who has been working closely with our Police Department.  So far the new Truancy Officer seems to have had a positive effect in Sauk Village.  We will be reviewing the truancy ordinance and sending recommendations to see how we can enhance the ordinance.

  • Environment: The asbestos has been removed from the station.  We are waiting on the environmentalist to assess the rest of the station for any lingering mold issues. 

  • Parking: Sauk Village vehicle stickers were due on July 1st, 2016.  If you have not yet purchased your sticker I encourage you to do so immediately.  Also, the police have been receiving complaints about vehicles parked blocking the sidewalks making it difficult for families with strollers to walk on the sidewalk.  It is a village ordinance Chapter 74, Sec. 74-135 (a) (1) (b) that a vehicle cannot be parked on a sidewalk. Please be aware of where you park not to block the sidewalks.

  • Gratitude: Officer Aguayo was recognized by his Strike Force Supervisor who wrote the below email.