Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Sauk Village Administrator / Public Safety Director’s Report - October 11, 2016

Sauk Village Administrator / Public Safety Director’s Report

By: JW Fairman
October 11, 2016

During last month, I attended the IML and ICMA conferences, during the periods of 09/22-24/2016 In Chicago, IL and 09/25-28/2016 in Kansas MO.
Throughout each of these conferences there was a mantra on how to do more with less personnel through the use of technology. We all know, updates of our technology system is in dire need of a major upgrade, which we are presently pursuing. And, I am sure that we are all aware of this dire need throughout the village.
Further, the need for villages and other municipalities to build “Diverse leadership in our community and organization.” This is sorely needed in our and a lot of other communities. To accomplish this we would need to reach out to business, religious and educational institutions. All of us know that cooperation is badly needed regardless of differences of opinions. First, we need to promote the development of staff throughout the village operations, help elected officials and other community leaders identify, work toward, and achieve common goals and objectives.
Additionally, I met with representatives of an organization called community champions who helps municipalities develop ordinances requiring the registration of Default mortgage property providing for the purpose, intent and applicability of the ordinance  requiring for the registration and maintenance of certain real property by Mortgages; providing for penalties and enforcement, as well as the regulation, limitation and reductions of registerable real property within the municipality; providing for severability, repealed, codification and an effective date.
What does this mean for Sauk Village? It could mean that we would have at no cost to Sauk Village, are presentative that would assist us in ensuring that banks and other financial institutions would have to pay for the up keep of their properties and possibly pay taxes on them. I will be meeting with this company’s representative within the next three weeks.
The Villages daily operations are managed as effectively as possible given their limited human capital. Which means that all of our department are working at maximum capacity, save for some mishaps.
We continue to work to receive finances owed to the village by businesses and community members.

JW Fairman, Jr
Village Administrator