Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Sauk Village Public Works Board Meeting Report - November 8, 2016

Sauk Village Public Works Board Meeting Report

By: Kevin Weller
Date: November 8, 2016                  

: PUBLIC GROUNDS & BUILDINGS Final cuts will happen after leaf drop is completed.  

: ASPHALT WORK – Storm sewer at 1904 completed. Main break, hole in roadway 220st and Orion prepped for patch.

: STREET LIGHTS – Staff will be out replacing light heads at problem locations, the vendor sent out new parts to resolve the problems.  We still could have wire issues causing the power problems staff will follow up and replace as soon as possible. 


: WATER - Day to day schedules & EMERGENCY CALLS. Completing all tests required by IEPA per month. Staff received a lien list to check and make sure water is off , some may be dig/jets. Staff has dug/ jetted several b boxes for high bills leaks in homes and rehabs.

: GARBAGE – Please don’t  dump garbage into the street or in the leaf piles it won’t be picked up and you will receive tickets.

: HYDRANT & VALVE REPAIRS/REPLACED - Staff will be working to make the town safer for residents and workers by having a total of 6 valves inserted into the system under pressure and that will give then a safer environment to do a total of 9 more valves  and replace at least 16 fire hydrants. The first insert will go in on 11/9 if all goes well. Staff will start the next two valve digs the following week and the vendor will fit us in for the inserts.                                            

 : VEHICLES/ EQUIPMENT  Public works staff is doing their best to keep all vehicles within the department running safe. We are also trying to help each department with their repairs to keep moving forward drop off/pickups. Staff put all vehicles together for the leaf program and will start are winter vehicle prep. We have ordered a news .S.S salt hopper and it is being installed on are 94 dump truck, we should have it back next week.

: SANITARY SEWER COMPLAINTS – P.W. received 0 sanitary sewer complaints, all after calls must go through the P.D non emergency# 758-1331 they will notify P.W.  Staff also checked the short list of 33 locations and inspected two residential sewer clean outs. 


: STORM SEWER REPAIRS – Staff has been out cleaning storm sewers due to 2 rain events and leaf drop. 1904 219 pl storm sewer is completed. Oakbrook Ct will be next.

: TREE BRANCHES & REMOVALS – Ash tree removal ongoing. Resident tree complaints will be addressed all winter.

 :  LEAF PICKUP – Started Nov 7 all leaf piles must be raked to curb by Nov 20 no other debris allowed, once crews have cleared the street we will not return. Any piles placed in the roadway after completion, the resident will receive a ticket. The sweeper will make a final drive through after completion of the program.