Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Resolution Fails To APPLY For Federal Funds

While walking in the streets remain a concern among residents the village board voted against a support resolution to apply for Federal funding to complete the bike path on the South side of Sauk Trail just west of 394.

The funding (if approved) would have completed the bike path started during the IDOT construction project this last year at 394 and Salk Trail. The path would have continued west along Sauk Trail to Cottage Grove and then South on Cottage Grove to Mary Byrne Dr.


The project would have cost approximately $1.3 million and was an 80/20 match however, would not have cost village residents anything as Cook County committed to picking up the municipalities 20% match. In addition, if funding was approved it still required board approve by ordinance to move forward with the project.

In previous years there have been multiple accidents between motor vehicles and pedestrians on Sauk Trail. This path would have provided a safe route for young as well as old that walk or bike back and forth to Bloom Trail High School or to work in our industrial areas.

Sauk Village missed out on an opportunity that may cost residents in the future……applying for the funding cost nothing.

Fill free to call the Trustees and ask them how they voted and/or why they voted against a resolution that would have only allowed the village to apply for the federal funding.


Trustee Burgess            708 753-5127

Trustee Jones                708 753-5125

Trustee Myers               708 753-5126

Trustee Tates                 708 753-5129

Trustee Washington      708 753-5130

Trustee Williams           708 753-5128