Friday, 17 June 2016

Sauk Village Senior Committee Report June 14, 2016

Senior Committee Report June 14, 2016

Fraud Alert!  Now that security at retail stores is bolstered by chip-enabled credit and debit cards, making it hard to counterfeit, criminals are ambushing ATMs.  Illegible card-reading devices are being installed on ATMs, gas pumps and other public-area machines that process debit cards.  Using an ATM at a bank is more secured with their 24/7 camera surveillance.

All seniors age 50 years young are invited to the Senior Committee Open Senior Activity and Friday and every Friday 12:30-3:30 p.m. with coordinators Steve Shymkus and Frank Williams.  There is no meeting, no membership and no dues, just come and join the fun with your peers.  Light refreshments and bottled water served. 
Last Friday, four more seniors joined the ‘Rummikub’ game (similar to the rummy card game) challenge.  The game is very addictive.  There are many other games available plus computer, TV and our library program. 
Several seniors have expressed an interest in having an Open Senior Activity once a month on a Saturday with a potluck meal.  The Senior Committee has approved of the Saturday event, watch for finalized details to be announced.

The Bloom Township annual senior picnic tickets will go on sale Friday, July 1st for Thursday, August 4th.

The SV Blue Grass will be closed Independence weekend Sunday, July 3rd, and for vacation Sundays, July 17th and 24th.