Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Sauk Village Administrator / Public Safety Director’s Report - June 14, 2016

Sauk Village Administrator / Public Safety Director’s Report

By: Director JW Fairman
June 14, 2016

URC Reported Crime:
Year to date reported UCR crime is 53% lower than UCR crime reported for the same period a year ago. Burglary and Theft are down 72% for the same reported period a year ago.
Vacant Housing:
  • The Village’s master vacant list (as of June 1, 2016) shows 412 vacant homes:

      Vacant                       378 houses
      Vacant/Occupied     34 houses

Scavenger Contract Update:
As I stated at the last Village Board meeting Sauk Village failed to execute the terms of its contractual agreement with its scavenger vender. Its failure to execute those terms (adjustments of annual rate increases and failure to providing accurate housing counts) resulted in non-payment of services to the vender of $218,941.80.
Months ago, when I found out about these deficiencies, I made the necessary corrections. I have also been meeting with the vender in an attempt to bring this matter to a fair and equable solution for both parties. After considerable negotiations, the vender has agreed to forgive the full debt owed by the Village in exchange for a new 10 year agreement that will provide exact language spelling out each party’s obligations.
Ordinance/Resolutions/ Amendments:  
  • Staff Recommendation for request not to exceed $15,000 to update the “Civic” computer system on all financial components of the Village has been completed by our attorneys and sent to the Finance Committee on 4/12/16. We are asking the Committee for a determination on this matter.
  • Mr. Rao secured a $35,000 Lighting Grant from the IL. Clean Energy Commission.

  • Staff has completed the necessary paperwork for the County for no cash bid applications on three (3) land parcels in TIF #4. Petitions for tax deeds will be filed by the end of June.

  • Owens Group has completed the Employees’ Handbook and is in the final stages of completing the Sauk Village personnel manual. A presentation will be ready for the Board in mid-July

  • Owens Group is assisting me in establishing Department Safety Committees which will meet monthly and be assessed with the Owens Group Quarterly in efforts to control budgetary expenditures.

  • Staff has made a recommendation to the Mayor’s Office regarding employee insurance coverage. After his review, the Mayor will make his recommendation.

  • I have conveyed to staff that beginning in August, quarterly budget reviews with Department Heads will begin.

  • I have been defined as staff’s single point of contact with Cal-Com. The purpose is to assure strict contract compliance. On a positive note; I am pleased to report that as of this date all emergency communications are functional.

  • I am requesting our Attorney to draft a Resolution for the disposal of Police vehicles and seized property.

  • Finally, budgeted revenue collections for the period of 1/1 through 6/1 - 2016 vs 2015 are up by 22%.