Thursday, 28 April 2016

Prepared Statement

Prepared Statement

April 26, 2016

As you all know, Jim Griegel was arrested yesterday (April 25th) by the FBI following its investigation of the Village’s police pension fund. Mr. Griegel was charged with embezzlement for allegedly writing fraudulent checks to himself from the pension fund in an amount of $21,000.00.

As of this time we are not aware of any funds missing from any of the Village’s funds.

 Upon being informed of Mr. Griegel’s arrest by the FBI, I issued a letter to Mr. Griegel informing him that he was being replaced as the Village Treasurer. I did not take this action earlier based upon the recommendation of our attorneys given the fact there was an open federal investigation on Mr. Griegel.

Unfortunately, I was called out on business and cannot be at tonight’s meeting. I will discuss Mr. Griegel’s replacement at one of our next committee meetings.