Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sauk Village Public Works Report - April 12, 2016



Sauk Village Public Works Report

by; Director Kevin Weller


:  STREET LIGHTS – 1st underground fault will be at 21445 Peterson, next 1601 215pl. Work will start in the next few weeks as seasonal help is brought on.


: DAY TO DAY REGULAR OPERATIONS AND EMERGINCIES -  All job direction changes, dept. ordering ,special seasonal  event prep setup, vender calling  work with all departments and public complaints AND LAST MINUTE CHANGES INCLUDING 4  MARQUEE CHANGES.   


:  BUILDINGS – C.C. rental side floor stripped and waxed 3/23-24 /16.  In gym bleacher room drywall work continuing, tile work to follow. Staff is also going through all lighting from exit sign to eme lights. Staff also replaced towel holder, soap dispenser and will replace t-p holders to save money.


  : POTHOLES/Asphalt – Taking resident calls on potholes. Patched holes on Willow Tree, Prairie, 21538 Merrill, Sauk Point, Joshua Dr, 223st, 219st, total tonnage 6.40. Work will continue as seasonal help is brought on.


 :  WATER - Day to day schedules & EME CALLS. Completing all tests required by IEPA per month. Started reading north side meters including schools and commercials. Staff also worked on several list with billing issues. Est about 50 locations.


: GARBAGE – Day to day cleanup. IF YOU SEE ILLIGAL DUMPING PLEASE CALL POLICE, HELP KEEP OUR TOWN CLEAN. All regular trash pickup will be completed as regular mowing and summer upkeep resumes.


: HYDRANT & VALVE REPAIRS/REPLACEMENT- Staff replaced 2 hydrants located 22132 and 22212 Torrence. We will be working on several main valves to prep for the next 2-3 hydrants located on Merrill, south side 22420,22225,2005 223st. some valve work may be performed before hydrant work can continue.


 :  VEHICELS/ EQU-   Public works staff is doing their best to keep all vehicles within the department running safe. We are also trying to help each department with their repairs to keep moving forward. Drop off and pickup P.D. vehicles from outside shops, pickup and replace small parts for all departments.           


: SANITARY SEWER COMPLAINTS – P.W. received 2 sewer complaints 2 homeowner. Service Line Warranty    1866-922-9006    


:  WEATHER EVENTS - All branches that weren’t picked up from storm damage will be left until the      1st regular pickup that will start on May 2 – May 13, all piles must be out no later than May8 NO EXCEPTIONS.


: PARKS – Staff started working on several parks. Upcoming repairs and maintenance will consist of woodchips; removal of old damaged equipment, fence work, weed control and mowing.


:  STREET SIGNS – REPLACED 11–20MPH, 13-NO Parking, 9-Yield, 6-Stop and 4 Street name signs. Also 6- green post , 6- square post, 2- Sleeves and 4- hanging brackets. 43 total sign and parts.