Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sauk Village Police Department Report - April 12, 2016

Sauk Village Police Department

Board Meeting Report 04/12/2016

 -Police Service Case Summary:  During the period of 03/22/2016 thru 04/12/2016 the Sauk Village Police Department had a total of 26 arrests.  Of the arrests reported 2 were felony arrests and 24 were misdemeanor arrests.   

-CalCom Report: For a period between 03/22/2016 and 04/12/2016 the police department received 766 calls for service.

-Cases of Note:  

On 3/23/2016 a victim reported her boyfriend posted inappropriate pictures of her on a social media "Twitter" account. The ex-boyfriend was located and arrested for posting the obscene photographs of his ex-girlfriend.

On 3/24/2016 Officers were called to the Walgreens on a report that an individual/offender was trying to have inappropriate photos developed.  The photos were recovered and turned over to the Detectives and the person/offender who tried to recover the photos was contacted.  The photos were explicit ion nature and the offender was charged with obscenity.

On 3/28/2016 Detectives following up on a domestic call talked to the victim at Christ Hospital.  It was determined that while the victim was moving out his girlfriend became angry and stabbed him in the back with a knife.  After the offender was released from the hospital since she also sustained wounds from the struggle she was arrested and charged with Aggravated Domestic Battery.

On 4/6/2016 Officers received a call of a fight in progress on the 1700 block of 225th Street. Upon arrival the officers found the offender in need of medical assistance and was transported to Christ Hospital. The officers learned the offender was driving when he saw the 4 victims playing basketball and tried to run them over with his car.  The offender drove up on the parkway and struck 2 of the victims. The offender then exited his vehicle and struck another victim in the neck with a pen then struck another victim with an ice scraper. The 4 victims protected themselves and fought with the offender.  Witnesses corroborated the entire incident although the offender ended up in the hospital.  The offender was charged with Unlawful Use of a Weapon. 

-Crime Free Housing: The Police Department continues to work with Gary Holcomb and his group.  We are also working with the Housing Authority of Cook County.  They assist us with revoking housing assistance vouchers for individuals who commit crime in Sauk Village.  This is a great tool being provided to the Police Department in accomplishing the Blue Print Plan.

-Fiscal Responsibility:  It was learned that the previous administration entered into a non-cancellable agreement with De Lage Landen Financial Services for the Lexmark printer used by the police department.  The Village is obligated to pay 22 more months at a cost of $185 a month on the service agreement.  It was also discovered the police department had a postage meter that we are paying a monthly service agreement on and that there was an advance amount of $1200 available on the meter.  Lastly, it was discovered the Police Department had a $375 yearly subscription to the Illinois Criminal Statute books since 2011.  It should be noted these Illinois Criminal Statutes are available on the internet for free.    
 -Policies and Procedures:  We are moving forward with implementing Lexipol which is an electronic policy and procedure manual.  The funding for this came from a grant made available through the Illinois Public Risk Fund (IPRF).

-Bullet Proof Vests: We are evaluating the life cycle of the officer's bullet proof vest and will be submitting the appropriate paperwork to receive grant funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance to replace the vests which are past their respective life cycle.

End Report.