Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Sauk Village Public Works Report - March 8, 2016

Sauk Village Public Works Report

by; Director Kevin Weller

:  STREET LIGHTS – Starting pole and fault repairs due to accidents and aged infrastructure. 1 Torrence and the other Carolina Dr , more to follow.

:  DAY TO DAY REGULAR OPERATIONS AND EMERGINCIES -  All job direction changes, dept. ordering ,special seasonal  event prep setup, vender calling  work with all departments and public complaints

:  BUILDINGS – Village Hall work, dry wall, plumbing , paint, card system parts ordered ,boiler work on going and fire system work waiting to be completed. C.C gym floor will be stripped and sealed 3/10, 11, 2016 rental side will follow at a latter date. Lowered flags and then raised. Order and change safety light PD.

:  POTHOLES/Asphalt – Taking resident calls on potholes. Patched holes with cold patch several locations Merrill 218st, galine 217pl, Orion, Jeffery, 219pl 217st. Staff will continue after snow events.

 :  WATER - Day to day schedules & EME CALLS. Called in b boxes to be dug for eme, high bills, and demo list .Completing all testing required by IEPA per month.  Completed north side shut off list and then received list to turn address that have payed back on. Repaired water main break 2450 Talandis and filled hole back in after it settled.


: HYDRANT & VALVE REPAIRS/REPLACEMENT- Next hydrant will be replaced at 22132 Torrence Ave. The next valve that is leaking is at Chappell /221st  defective bolts leaking.

 :  VEHICELS/ EQU-   P.W.  is doing its best to keep all vehicles within the department running safe. We are also trying to help each department in there repairs to keep moving forward. Worked on flat tires on 3 vehicles 1, code 1, sewer 1 street. Sent and then picked up truck #5 after repairs were made. Replaced exhaust pipe TR#1.

: SANITARY SEWER COMPLAINTS – If a resident has a sewer complaint please call the village hall during regular business hours and after call non emergencies P.D. - P.W.  staff will be called out to check the main sewer lines and will stop at the home to let you know what they found. If it is an internal problem you will have to call a plumber. Staff checking bi weekly sewer location through town found 2 slow flows and cleared problem. WE RECEIVED 2 SEWER CALL AND BOTH WERE HOMEOWNERS.

:  WEATHER EVENTS - Start of storm event, center plow pass and salt entire town. Staff was director to go back and 3 pass all streets and completed it by 9pm. They were sent home and directed to return at 5 am to start the final cleanup and salt if needed. Second storm staff was sent to salt all streets. Salt supplies are good.

: STORM SEWERS- February storm event after snow cleanup staff went out to check storm sewer for possible flooding due to the fast melt.