Thursday, 10 March 2016

News Release from Police Chief Kowalski


 March 9, 2016

The Police Department has received several calls of suspicious activity/possible burglary to the garages in the area of 22400 block of Yates and 22300 block of Merrill.  There had been four reported events which occurred anytime between 3:00 pm March 8, 2016 and 8:00 am today March 9, 2016.

An unknown/undescribed subject entered the garages but did not take any property.  We do not have a description of the subject or subjects committing these entries.  We are asking for your assistance, REMEMBER if you see something say something and call 911.  With your help we can make Sauk Village a safer place to live.

Thank you
Bob K
Robert J. Kowalski
Chief of Police
Sauk Village Police Department
21701 Torrence Ave.
Sauk Village, IL. 60411
Tel. no. (708) 753-5151