Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Village Administrator / Public Safety Director Report

Village Administrator / Public Safety Director Report
By: JW Fairman

March 22, 2016


Vacant Housing:

  • The Village’s master vacant list (as of March 22nd) shows 444  vacant homes:
    • Vacant -  394 houses
    • Vacant/Occupied - 42 houses (down from 88 in January)
    • Demo list -  8 houses    


  • The Master Vacant list is evolving to include the following information:
    • Vacancies
    • Property without occupancy permits or water accounts
    • Vacant Businesses
    • Vacant lots
    • Demo list
    • Active accounts owing more than $1000
    • Terminated accounts owing more than $1000
    • Property Managers
    • Public Work locations of Digs, Jets, B-Box locations that can’t be gotten to, located or turned on.
    • Section 8 housing, for rent locations, for sale locations


  • Blueprint Project Vacant Housing Taskforce
    • A Vacant housing taskforce Chaired by Chief Kowalski and comprised of SV Officers and Village residents is being structured to apprise and correct the effects of vacant property in terms of community safety. Chief Kowalski will expound on the taskforce in his report.


Scavenger Contract Update:

  • Staff met with the Village’s scavenger service on March 10th to determine the number of collection points, adjust past billing as it relates to vacancies and work out other collection related matters. The current billing rate is $33.50 bi-monthly. Staff will make a report to the Board base on the outcome of meetings with the Vender.


Water Accounts

  • Through Staff efforts the Village has collected $29,000 YTD more this year than the same period a year ago. (This equates to a 2016 projection of approximately $120,000 in additional water revenues.)
  • 28 Water Liens (of Terminated Accounts of more than $1000) will be filed at Markham Courthouse by the end of the Month

NOTE 1: Residents or Owners of property who turn on water (at the B-box) after Public Works have shut it off will be subject to arrest for a misdemeanor “Theft of Services”.

NOTE 2: It should be noted that more than 75% of the Village’s occupied residential homes pay their water/sewer/utility bills on time and without complaint. 10% of the remaining 25% have a valid reason as to why their payments are in arrears and are given consideration by staff. The remaining 15% cost the Village tens of Thousands annually.


Ordinance/Resolutions/ Amendments:

 (Looking for Board Sponsors)

  • THAT: Village Police Tow penalties be set aside by ordinance in a dedicated fund for Police vehicle purchases or related costs.
  • THAT:   Vehicles found on property identified by the Village as Vacant be stickered, ticketed and towed by the SVPD within 48 hours. (Key component of Housing Taskforce)
  • THAT:  “After Hours Turn on Fee” be increased to $250, “Before Hours Turn on Fee” be increased to $200. These figures are consistent with most municipal fees of this type (most turn on fees are paid by rehabbers or individuals that were identified in the 15% of arrear accounts that had no valid reason for non-payment).
  • THAT: the Board approves a Staff request not to exceed $15,000 to update the “Civic” computer system on all financial components of the Village. (Mohan will detail this information if asked) Updating this component of the Village will give Staff greater effectiveness and efficiency in identifying and handling all financial information - in due course this upgrade will pay for itself.



Looking for Board Direction:

  • What does the Board wants to do with arrear accounts that belong to individuals who are employed by the Village or hold appointed Village positions.
  • Owens Group has completed updating the Employees’ Handbook and will meeting with me Thursday to review the material.
  • Staff is asking that the Board approve an amount of not more than $7000 annually from the annual IPRF (Illinois Public Risk Fund) grant to update SVPD general orders and policy and procedures per IL. Statues.
  • Staff is currently reviewing employee insurance coverage and interviewing insurance groups to assure that Sauk Village is receiving the best coverage at a competitive cost. Staff will make a proposal to the Board prior to the Village’s annual budget.


The 2015/16 annual budget is ready to present to the Finance Committee and Staff is seeking meeting dates.