Thursday, 11 August 2016

Republic Services Agreement

Republic Services Agreement

August 11, 2016

I would like to clear up some misinformation and rumors.
Currently, Sauk Village has a garbage collection agreement which was signed by former Mayor Lewis Towers that included the following:
  • An increase to $16.75 per month from April 2011 – March 2012
  • An increase to $17.50 per month from April 2012 – March 2013
  • Increases annually of the lesser of 5% or the CPI of the previous year
    • Current 2016 Monthly Rate $18.43
  • Recyclables- Free weekly pick up of recyclables: Blue bags with the village logo / 15 – 30 gallon capacity 
Ordinance 11-013 “Extension of the garbage collection agreement with Skyline Disposal and the Village of Sauk Village” was passed by a unanimous vote- (Trustees Anderson, Benson, Burgess, Hanks, Myers and Williams) and signed by Mayor Lewis Towers in April 2011 and included: 
  • An additional 5 years extension commencing on April 2015 and terminating on March 31, 2020.
In October 2012 Sauk Village was notified that Skyline Disposal was sold to Allied (Republic Services) and all existing agreements will remain intact.

After much research and collaboration, Village Administrator Fairman reported that Sauk Village failed to execute the terms of its contractual agreement with Republic (Skyline). Its failure to execute those terms (adjustments of annual rate increase), under billing residents, and failure to provide accurate housing counts (vacancies) resulted in non-payment of services to the vendor.

Meetings were held with Republic in an attempt to bring this matter to a fair and equitable solution for both parties and avoid a cut off of service. On Tuesday, August 9, 2016 Republic Representatives Anthony DeLuca and Ernie Lopez appeared at a Special Meeting to discuss the terms of a proposed new agreement.

While there was much discussion and debate, including public comment periods at both the Special Meeting and the Regular Board meeting the final result was the following:

The motion to approve the extension of the Republic Agreement was made during the 7pm Regular Board Meeting with a majority of the votes in favor (4-2) and with the Mayor’s full support.

PRESENT: TRUSTEE BURGESS (Present vote going with the majority)

The new agreement will have the same language and include the following changes:


New Agreement

Current Agreement


Current balance due Republic

Revert back to $0


Saving residents $389,905.44 due to under billing, vacancies and lack of residents making  water bill payments

Monthly Rate



Increase of $1.21 per month

Senior Rate

$1.00 Less a month

(Requires registration with Republic for at least one senior resident 65+ years of age ($18.43)  


This language added to new agreement. Senior rate will only increase $0.21 per month starting October 2016

Annual Increase

3% Annual Fixed

5% or previous year CPI

Fixed Rate


Service included and residents will receive a 95 gallon tote   with bi-week pick-up

Free weekly pick up with purchase of Blue bags with village logo (15–30 gal cap)

 Village residents no longer need to purchase Blue bags and totes will be provided free of charge

Contract length

Year 2030

Year 2020

10 year extension

House Counts

Republic and Village staff will conduct semi-annual house counts


Insuring payment and billing reflect proper house counts and figures

I would like to personally thank Anthony DeLuca and Ernie Lopez for working diligently with me on behalf of the residents of Sauk Village on what I feel is a Win-Win for all parties involved. 

Mayor David A. Hanks