Friday, 12 August 2016

Republic Services Pricing

Recently, I have received calls about a 70% garbage increase the majority of the village board supposedly passed.

First, I’m glad residents are calling and asking questions.

Secondly, residents need to remember that it is an election year and there are those that will lie, cheat and steal just to try to get their political buddies elected so they can be your next Village Administrator or even scarier Finance Director.

While the majority of the village board approved an agreement with Republic Services at the August 9th village board meeting below is an actual breakdown for the garbage rates over the next 14 years.

It's nowhere close to 70% and if you add it up it’s a 46.84% increase over the next 14 years.

Check out my blog from 8/11/2016 for more information concerning the agreement which provides a summary of the agreement and most importantly the benefits.