Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Sauk Village National Night Out - Dunk the Mayor Pics

Below are a few pictures from the "Dunk the Mayor" during Sauk Village's 2016 National Night Out.

Linda giving me some last minute pointers before getting dunked. I thought someone wanted me by the village hall but she wouldn't let me go

Girls wanted one more selfie before getting in

After the first dunk

Below are some pictures of everyone having fun trying to Dunk the Mayor 

Even the Family had to throw a few. The only bad thing.....I think I paid for them :-)

This young man was having so much fun he kept coming back

Even some of Sauk Village's finest threw a few

Wait! Is that the Culver's guy?

There's village resident Pat Couch distracting me as she presses the big red dot

Finally, a picture with the young man that dunked me the most