Monday, 15 August 2016

Robinson Engineeering Village Board Meeting Report - August 9, 2016

Robinson Engineering Village Board Meeting Report

By: Jim Czarnik
August 9, 2016

Robinson Engineering has completed the second phase of the sanitary sewer investigation work within the high priority area.  House inspections were conducted to locate, remove, and prevent sources of clear water from entering the Village’s sanitary sewer system.  Clear water is water that is not contaminated with waste and does not require treatment for removal.  Clear water includes rain runoff and groundwater.  Additional sources may also exist within the private properties.  These sources can overload the sanitary sewer system during rainfall events, resulting in sewer surcharging, basement backups, and water pollution.  The inspections revealed that there are few sources of clear water within the inspections area, which is good news. 

The next phase of the work will involve manhole inspections that will take place in the coming weeks.  We will provide updates as this work progresses.