Friday, 12 August 2016

Sauk Village Public Works Report - August 9, 2016

Sauk Village Public Works Report

by; Director Kevin Weller
July 27, 2016                 


  • Cutting Grass - On going at all village locations, slowing down due to weather and some emergencies. Staff started to cut vacant homes going through the list, checked 152 homes 34 that needed cutting.
  • Fence around detention pond - Received 2 quotes 1 pending for fence to go around detention pond at Village Hall.
  • Asbestos removal - Vender will set the date once they receive the Cook County permit.

 :  STREET LIGHTS – Staff repaired 3 street light faults 22256 Peachtree new wire, 1826 Sauk Trail and 1836 215pl tree removal. Lights still need power to be reconnected by Com Ed. ALL CALLS HAVE BEEN MADE.

 : DAY TO DAY REGULAR OPERATIONS AND EMERGINCIES -  All job direction changes, dept. ordering ,special seasonal  event prep setup, vender calling  work with all departments and public complaints AND LAST MINUTE CHANGES. Staff setup& took down for nights out event. 

 :  BUILDINGS – Work performed on Hvac unit P.D found bad compressor unit 16 yrs  old, needs replacement getting quotes. Est cost $5000.

 :  WATER - Day to day schedules & EME CALLS. Completing all tests required by IEPA per month. 2 Extra staff members started north side shut off list totaling 174 completed.  

: GARBAGE – Day to day cleanup. IF YOU SEE ILLIGAL DUMPING PLEASE CALL POLICE, HELP KEEP OUR TOWN CLEAN. All regular trash pickup will be completed as regular mowing and summer upkeep resumes. I will ask code to ticket resident who dump garbage or grass debris from there parkway into the street. This is the main cause of storm sewer backup and flooded streets.

: HYDRANT & VALVE REPAIRS/REPLACED - Staff is prepping to replace the hydrant at 22426 Strassburg.

 : VEHICELS/ EQUIPMENT - Public Works staff is doing their best to keep all vehicles within the department running safe. We are also trying to help each department with their repairs to keep moving forward. Picked up 1 unit for PW, 1 for PD. PW mower has been repaired picking up Wednesday.

: SANITARY SEWER COMPLAINTS – P.W. received 4 sewer complaints 3 HOMEOWNERS, 1 BACKUP, line was cleaned and back in service. Also staff from R.E. started field inspections door to door north side - all affected residents were notified.   

 : TREE REMOVALS – Staff started tree removals on the south side, we will be working street to street.

: PARKS – Staff started working on several parks repairing the fence at 218st, and wood chips at Village hall more to follow as funds are available. Staff will remove the swing at Murrphy park due to vandals.

:  LANDSCAPE WORK – Staff started landscaping last year’s digs from b box, main breaks, and any other digs, slow going. Residents will have to wait for concrete work to complete final dirt work. Funding is slow going.