Monday, 2 May 2016

Sauk Village Administrator/Public Safety Director - April 26, 2016

Administrator /Public Safety Director’s Report

April 26, 2016

URC Reported Crime:

No Report
Vacant Housing:
The Village’s master vacant list (as of April 26, 2016) shows 436  vacant homes:
  • Vacant                       - 389 houses

  • Vacant/Occupied     - 39 houses

  • Demo list                   -  8 houses 

Scavenger Contract Update:
  • Our scavenger contractor has sent the Village an action plan that staff and our attorney’s will review before determining the Village’s liability to the vender. However, Staff has determined that people who do not pay their garbage bill cost the Village approximately $43,800 annually. NOTE: Water, sewer, utility tax and garbage are combined billings; there are currently 230 overdue billings costing the Village an estimated $36,940 bi-monthly.

Water Accounts
  • No Report

Ordinance/Resolutions/ Amendments:  
  • Staff Recommendation for Village Police Tow penalties be set aside by ordinance in a dedicated fund for Police vehicle purchases or related costs have been prepared by our attorneys and is being reviewed by the SVPD.

  • Staff Attorneys have prepared a letter for the mayor to the Village Treasurer removing him from his duties.

  • Staff Recommendation for Vehicles found on property identified by the Village as Vacant be stickered, ticketed and towed by the SVPD within 48 hours is still under review by our attorneys.

  • Staff recommendation for “After Hours Turn on Fee” be increased to $250, “Before Hours Turn on Fee” be increased to $200. This proposal has been prepared by our attorneys and sent to the Public Works Committee on 4/11/16 for recommendation. The Public Works Committee has recommended that fees be increased to $120 and $100 respectively. Our attorneys will prepare the recommended amendment for the 1st Board meeting in May.

  • Staff Recommendation for request not to exceed $15,000 to update the “Civic” computer system on all financial components of the Village has been completed by our attorneys and sent to the Finance Committee on 4/12/16.

  • 50% of collected debt derived from water/sewer/disposal and utility taxes shall be set aside in a reserve fund for the purchase of Public Works Vehicles or related capital cost is still under review by our attorneys.
  • Owens Group has completed its 2nd review of the Employees’ Handbook and are reviewing the Village’s labor contracts to assure against conflicts of interest.

  • Staff continues to review employee insurance coverage and interviewing insurance groups to assure that Sauk Village is receiving the best coverage at a competitive cost. Staff will make a proposal to the Board when the review is completed.
Is in the process of ten day public review.