Wednesday, 25 May 2016

“UCR” Criminal Activity in Sauk Village!!

“UCR” Criminal Activity in Sauk Village!!

By Mayor David Hanks

The UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting) is a voluntary assessment of crime in a community that is reported to the Federal Government to evaluate crime across America.

UCR has eight major crime categories: Murder, Rape, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Theft, Motor Vehicle Theft and Arson. In Sauk Village these crime categories and their sub categories are/were historically entered into the Sauk Village Police Department’s computer system to aid the Police in gauging criminal activity in the Village and to generate a monthly UCR report to the State Police. They in turn send an annual report to the FBI who oversees the UCR program.

As Mayor, I have been extremely and deeply concerned about reported crime in Sauk Village. Like you, I viewed the annual UCR report to the Federal Government, as factual. I did not understand how Sauk Village had so much crime and our neighboring Villages so much less.

In August of 2015, I hired Robert Kowalski, a former Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI, as Chief of Police. Shortly after Chief Kowalski came on board he reviewed the Village’s past UCR reports. His expertise and years of service with the FBI immediately identified the crime problem in Sauk Village. OVER REPORTING! (Chart1) The Sauk Village Police Department was over reporting criminal activity. Whether the mistake was due to a lack of training or not understanding the how to properly report UCR crime, the issue of excessive crime in Sauk Village is now solved! For that I thank Chief Kowalski and his years of experience with the FBI.

On behalf of Sauk Village, Chief Kowalski was able to file an adjusted 2014 UCR report (the 2014 monthly UCR’s filed by the Police Department were 41% over reported) (Chart 2). The adjusted UCR reports will be made public by the FBI later this year (only one prior year is allowed to be adjusted).

I am not naïve, crime does exists is Sauk Village as it exist everywhere in America. But Sauk Village is not nor has it been an exception to the norm. Chief Kowalski and the Officers of his Department are dedicated first responders; through their efforts and now through factual reporting, crime in 2016 has been reduced by 57% over the same period last year (Chart 3).  Finally, crime should be a concern for everyone not just the Police. Chief Kowalski is accessible; he is there to help us with whatever problem we have. When a problem arises call him!!

           (Chart 1)

          (Chart 2)

         (Chart 3)