Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Sauk Village Police Department Report - May 10, 2016

Sauk Village Police Department

By Police Chief Robert Kowalski

Board Meeting Report 05/10/2016

 -Police Service Case Summary:  During the period of 04/26/2016 thru 05/10/2016 the Sauk Village Police Department had a total of 11 arrests.  Of the arrests reported 5 were felony arrests and 6 were misdemeanor arrests.   

-CalCom Report: For a period between 04/26/2016 and 05/10/2016 the police department received 528 calls for service.

-Cases of Note:  
On 4/28/2016 our Officers along with the South Suburban Emergency Response Team (SSERT) executed a search warrant on the 200 block of Park Lane, in Candlelight Village. The search was successful and drugs were recovered. The subject/ offender is a felon and was arrested without incident.  A second subject was in the house and also charged with drug charges.

On 4/27/2016 our Officers responded to a domestic disturbance on the 1700 block 224th St. involving two family members. During the course of the domestic dispute Officers had the opportunity to obtain the name of one family member/offender who left the scene. They learned this family member/offender was a registered Violent Offender and currently non complaint.  On 4/28/2016 our Detectives conducted an investigation for a possible violation of the Illinois Child Murderer and Violent Offender Registration Act on the offender.  Detectives learned the offender had a last known address in Calumet City where they located the offender and secured a felony charge

On 4/4/2016 the offender had been arguing with his girlfriend while leaving the area and drove over her feet.  On 4/29/2016 an offender was arrested for reckless conduct after he was involved in a domestic disturbance on the 22200 block of Torrence Ave.   

On 5/2/2016 officers responded to an abuse of a minor call in the police station.  The complainant reported that her sister's husband has been abused the children and her sister was not taking steps to stop it.  The detectives investigated this matter and found the Offender had in fact abused the children and were able to secure several felony charges of aggravated battery charges on the father.  The detectives also filed charges endangering the life of a child charge on the mother.

On 5/10/2016 officers responded to a robbery that just occurred at the McDonalds.  An unknown offender took the cash deposit bag and fled the area.  This incident is an ongoing investigation.
-Grants: An application was submitted to the Department of Justice, Bullet Proof Vest Partnership Grant Program. An audit was conducted on the current officer's vests and 8 officers were found to have vests older than 5 years which is the recommended replacement time of the vest.  This is a matching grant and the application process closes on May 16th.  I will report the progress accordingly.

I would also like to note the application period for applying for another COPs Grant has opened. An application has been submitted and awaiting the next step in the process.   

-DEA Prescription Drug Drop Off:  The Sauk Village Police Department participated in the second collection of unwanted prescription drugs. After collecting and destroying 5.5 million pounds-2,762 tons-of unused prescription drugs in the past five years, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is continuing its efforts to take back unused, unwanted and expired prescription medications. The DEA has partnered with local law enforcement like the Sauk Village PD and has invited the public to bring their potentially dangerous, unwanted medicines to the Sauk Village Police Station.

The collection took place on Saturday, April 30th and again was successful collecting over 40 pounds of unwanted drugs.  The disposal boxes were in the lobby and no questions were asked of those citizens disposing prescription drugs. This service is free of charge and we appreciate your participation in the program.  Since this has been so successful the police department will continue to participate in this program.

-Ordinance Updates:  The ordinances creating a separate finance account for collecting tow funds has been completed and will be sent to the ordinance review committee.  The ordinance on hiring part time police officers is being finalized and ready to be sent to the review committee within the next week.  The ordinance on towing vehicles on the property of vacant homes is in the process of being drafted. 

-Gratitude: I received a note from the Assistance Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago Strike Force/High Intensity Drug Task Force which read; Chief, I hope all is well.  I wanted to give you a quick heads up to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of Officer Brad Aguayo during a recent investigation.  Officer Aguayo is one of the lead case officers on an active OCDETF investigation targeting a poly-drug (use of 2 or more psycho drugs in combination to achieve a particular specific effect) trafficking organization that is operating in IL and IN.  Officer Aguayo played a critical role during a recent enforcement operation resulting in the seizure of over four kilograms of cocaine and a 9mm handgun.  To date, based on the work of Officer Aguayo and members of Strike Force Group 3 during this multi-jurisdictional investigation, agents/officers have seized over ¼ kilogram of heroin, over six kilograms of cocaine, approximately 20 firearms, seven arrests, and over $25,000 USC.  Officer Aguayo is an invaluable member of Strike Force Group 3 and always represents the Sauk Village PD in a professional manner.  Hope to see you soon. Don

-Training:  On May 9th Detective Rob Grossman and I attended a class on Asset Forfeitures put on by the Illinois State Police through the North East Multi Regional Training center.

ADDENDUM: During the open forum a citizen quoted me as saying the mobile computers were installed in the squads and fully functional.  I corrected that statement by noting in my April 26th report I said:

"As reported in a previous report the mobile computers were in the process of being installed in the squads.  Six squads have been equipped with the mobile computers, one squad has an old computer mount and needs to be swapped out. There is still a software issue that is being worked on. Lastly, I would like to make note that although the officers might not have full access to the computers in their vehicles this does not stop them from doing their job.  The laptops are an added tool that the officers can use to assist in their daily duties".

Last point made was to address the issue of arresting "squatters" located in abandoned houses in Sauk Village.  The police will arrest those individuals in homes that they have no ownership when we determine the owner and they sign complaints.

End Report.