Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Sauk Village Administrator/Public Safety Director’s Report - May 10, 2016

Sauk Village Administrator/Public Safety Director’s Report

By: Director JW Fairman

May 10, 2016

URC Reported Crime:
Year to date reported UCR crime is still 57% lower than UCR crime reported for the same period a year ago.

Vacant Housing:
  • The Village’s master vacant list (as of May 10, 2016) shows 431  vacant homes:
    • Vacant                       - 386 houses
    • Vacant/Occupied      - 37 houses
    • Demo list                  -   8 houses  

Scavenger Contract Update:
It has been determine through meetings with our Scavenger vender that the Village has been remised in the following:

1. Updating the annual rate increases as agreed upon in the 2011 contract between the Village and the Vender.

2. Notifications to the vender regarding the number of homes eligible for collections service. Currently the Village owes the vender $218,941.80.

NOTE: The contractual agreement with the vender was entered into in during the previous administration in 2011 and runs to 2020. The debt service could be resolved with an additional billing of $13.54 for six (6) payment cycles. However I am meeting and working with the Vender to lower our debt service obligation. 

Ordinance/Resolutions/ Amendments:  
  • Staff Recommendation for request not to exceed $15,000 to update the “Civic” computer system on all financial components of the Village has been completed by our attorneys and sent to the Finance Committee on 4/12/16.
  • 50% of collected debt derived from water/sewer/disposal and utility taxes shall be set aside in a reserve fund for the purchase of Public Works Vehicles or related capital cost is still under review by our attorneys.

  • Owens Group is in its final stages of completion; the draft of the Employees’ Handbook to be submitted to the Board pending review by the Village Attorney.
  • Staff continues to review employee insurance coverage and continues to interview insurance groups to assure that Sauk Village is receiving the best coverage at a competitive cost. Staff will make a proposal to the Board when the review is completed. Employee coverage for fiscal 2016/17 with the current vender will be $776,872.08 if no changes are made to the current plan.
  • The Villages Engineering Firm has completed their review of the Community Center and will field any questions the Board has.
  • Staff (2) have more than 3000 water accounts to bill monthly. Owner identification is completed through new service accounts, and contact on delinquent accounts. Terminating and reissuing accounts would take 100’s of staff-hours and cause billing disruptions with residents.