Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Trustees Vote Against 4th of July Fireworks

While fireworks are included in the 2016/2017 budget Trustees still voted last night against an American and Sauk Village family tradition. The Mad Bomber contract before the board consisted of a fireworks display for $6000.00.
For years former Trustees over Parks and Recs would fundraise for the fireworks which reduced the burden on the budget however, current Parks and Recs Chair Trustee Jones refused to fundraise and even made statements in past meetings that he wouldn’t stand on any corner collecting money.
Trustee Tates said residents could go to other communities and enjoy their fireworks at their (other communities) expense.
The cost may be $6000.00 to the village budget however, what will be missed is increased sales at local business as families would stop at Family Dollar, Dollar General, Walgreens or Fairway to purchase something prior to heading to the park for a family picnic or grabbing a bite to eat with the family prior to the fireworks display at Popeyes, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds or Hometown.
What will also be missed are the looks on the faces from the youngest to oldest and the oohs & aahs throughout the park as the rockets explode in the air but mostly the sounds of families, neighbors and a village coming together.
In the end…….it’s a small cost that gives back to the entire community.
If you disagree with the decision not to have 4th of July fireworks fill free to contact trustees by calling the village hall at 708 758-3330  and ask to be transferred or call their direct lines below and leave a message.

Trustee Burgess            708 753-5127
Trustee Jones                708 753-5125
Trustee Myers               708 753-5126
Trustee Tates                 708 753-5129
Trustee Washington      708 753-5130
Trustee Williams           708 753-5128

Good Bye to a Family Tradition